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Women’s rights versus Religion

Another week in politics. Republican Richard Mourdock has this to say:

„Life is that gift from God that I think even if life begins in that horrible situation of rape, that it is something that God intended to happen”.

Commentators considered this controversial. No shit! This is not merely controversial, this gives me goosebumps. It is a prime example of how religion impedes women’s rights.

When do the religions of the world adapt to the modern society? When do religious people realize that science and technology are moving us forwards, changing the way we live? The knowledge, skills and capabilities we have obtained over the years drastically changed our way of living. The Bible is written by men, so is the Koran. Wise men probably, bestseller authors definitely. Women’s place in society is no longer only a slave of men and mother of children. They are as valuable to society as men. We have the opportunity to choose whether or not we want to have children, we have to take the responsibility to choose wisely. Getting children is not a requirement to avoid extinction, it is a decision to make by a man and a women. Together they are the foundation of our society. Not men. Not women. It is as if people forget that in order to get children you need both. Educate the world about contraception, about the wonders and hells of parenthood and keep the opportunity for abortion open.

In my opinion abortion is not a good thing. Don’t get me wrong, I am definitely not against it. I merely say this because it appears to me it is a draining event, having a significant impact on a woman, physically as well as psychologically. With contraception and proper education the number of abortions could be significantly reduced worldwide. But accidents do happen. Unfortunately rape does happen. I am glad that the women that do get pregnant accidently or forcibly have the possibility to choose whether or not they are willing and able to look after a baby. It is a good thing that the opportunity exists; the actual act will never be a good thing.

Soviet poster circa 1925. Title translation:

Soviet poster circa 1925. Title translation: “Abortions performed by either trained or self-taught midwives not only maim the woman, they also often lead to death.” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



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